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The Story
From time to time the players change due to availability, but it is usually the same.
For those of you who would like to know who the members of the band are, they are as follows:

The West Coast/ U.S Band
Larry Zack, Drums
Pat Wilkens, Bass
Jon Greathouse, Keys
Robert Heft guitars and stuff

The Midwest / U.S Band
Tim (the Professor) Sparling, keys and vocals
Drew Abbott, Guitars
Skeeto Valdez, Drums
Mike Marshall, Bass
Paul Laginess, Bass
The Hefty Horns? Mark Kieme (sax), Ron Kischuk (trombone), Dick Wilkens ( trumpet)
Glen Preston?Sound and inspiration

The Swiss Band
Hani Ali: Drums and percussion
Markus DePretto: Bass

The European Band

Bies Biesman AKA JB: Sax, Harp and Vocals, bands Blues Lee, Big Four
Patrick Cuyvers AKA the Joker: Keyboards, bands Soul Spirit, Hideaway
Jan Leven: Bass, bands El Fish, Rhythm Junks
Karel Phlix: Guitars, bands Blues Lee, Centerville
Steve Wouters: Drums, band Last Call